Content writers are everywhere,
but storytellers aren’t.

I’m Ben.
I serve stories.

Ben Elliott content writer
(I’m on the left.)

Stop me if any of these sound familiar…

You’re great with people, but writing’s never been your thing.

“Nothing I’ve written sounds anything like me.”

Microphones don’t scare you. You remember every name, birthday, and coffee order. But converting your voice into copy…? Way tougher than you thought.

You’ve got a rad idea, but you’ve got no idea what to say.

“I’m told I need a story, but what the hell does that mean?”

Your story’s a conversation, but half of it happens after you’ve spoken. You and your voice break the ice, and your audience replies with action.

Your site was last updated during the Ford administration.

“I think my homepage mentions the information superhighway.”

Fresh content builds your authority and increases your audience’s trust in you. Stale content suggests that you’re irrelevant, and of course that’s not true.

Your elevator pitch feels like it takes six hours.

“There’s gotta be a clearer way to get my point across.”

You have to distill yourself. Your copy should be like a Dachshund’s leg: long enough to do its job, but short enough to keep things interesting.

Your first attempt came up a little short.

“This copy I just launched is as compelling as a trip to the DMV.”

Your brand new content isn’t getting it done, and now you can’t afford the time, resources, and embarrassment of another average refresh.

These are pain points I can fix.
Let me help you tell your story.

I began as an academic, and my research focused on storytelling structure.

Later, I ran a boutique environmental consultancy until its acquisition, and I tackled all of the challenges that small businesses so often encounter.

Today, I assist businesses, educators, influencers, and entrepreneurs by writing, refining, and shipping copy and content that charms, informs, and sells.

Here’s what I’m bringing to the party.

A wicked ear and a chameleon keyboard.

I’ll record our meetings if possible. It’s the best way to ensure that we capture your voice. Even if it’s just a headline, there’s always room for personality.

Creativity for days. And days. And days.

I’m constantly iterating on our approach. Have you tried _____? What if we _____? If there’s something cool we could consider, we’re gonna talk about it.

Relentless enthusiasm and incessant optimism.

I love what I do. I get paid to meet people, tell stories, and learn new things. So I’m a glass-is-half-full sorta person. Even if the glass is three-quarters empty.

Exactly what you order (plus a little extra).

If you’ve already got a brief, then that’s what I’m working from, and that’s what I’ll deliver. But part of my process is helping you plan your story’s next chapter.

This is what you can expect from me.

A holistic approach that’ll get you where you’re trying to go.

When we’re done with our project, I won’t just hand you a deliverable and disappear. We’ll plan for what you’re doing next. Even if I might not be involved.

I don’t miss deadlines.

All of my nightmares involve me trying to turn in projects after they’re due.

If we’re not a good fit, we’ll discuss that before we start.

I’m always up for working with new folks, but I’m much more interested in getting you where you need to be. If I don’t feel like I’m right for your project, I think that’s okay. If I know someone who’s better suited, I’ll get you connected.

Either way, I’ll keep in touch. And maybe we can work together down the road.

Ready to chat?

Me too.